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Prompt? I’ve never really done them? So why not?


A fandom, friend or love ‘ship, a scenario. I need the practice. 

i will try to do this. just make it VM please. thanks! 

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thanks for the quality assist from rottweilersatemylaptop!

now both are higher quality.

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two sides of the same coin

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The thing is, Veronica’s actually a really resourceful girl. Woman.

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We used to get closer than this

Is it something you missed?

Chained by The xx


Inspired by ghostcat3000 (X)

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He’s watching her carefully like he hears it all. He nods, she nods back.

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So ummm, seeing something I wrote in big fancypants font with images and looking all beautiful is CRAZY. Like, it looks real.

'Scuse me while I go sniffle in a corner.

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She loves when he looks at her this way. She loves his liquid brown eyes. She loves his cocky smirk.

She loves…him.

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always read this story.

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Favorite LoVe quotes (4/5)

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